Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Finding the most qualified expert to assist in preparing a case is often critical to the successful outcome of corporate or securities litigation. A talent for explaining complex issues to juries - without talking down to them - is a result of decades of experience.

Even if you are a seasoned litigator, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out the many ways a transactional lawyer is able to provide value-added services as an expert witness in corporate and securities litigation. Richard M. Leisner may be the right expert for your case.

Richard, a shareholder at Trenam, has more than 30 years of experience in a broad-based corporate and securities law practice. His practice has included all stages of the corporate life cycle for public and private companies and their executives.

Richard has been actively serving as an expert witness since the mid-1980s. His services have included testimony at trial and in depositions and written reports. He has also helped engaging counsel prepare for depositions of key witnesses and opposing experts and has designed and prepared trial demonstratives.

Some of Richard's most significant contributions have been made in the early stages of cases, helping engaging counsel to more effectively develop and implement winning tactics and strategies. Richard can guide trial counsel through the regulatory and documentary morass that transactions lawyers navigate every day. He provides lucid explanations of what should (or should not) have happened and what facts, documents and legal issues are most important.

Richard has identified crucial new fact issues or legal theories and has framed existing issues and theories in a new light. Witness the difference.

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